Annual Athletic meet

The first Annual Sports Meet 2019-20 was conducted on the bright sunny morning of 14 dec19. The chief guest was Mr Pramod Vithal Patil ,physical education teacher and CBSE observer, Naval School , Goa. The event began with the releasing of balloons and Oath taking ceremony followed by welcome song by the teachers. The show events included March past by the four houses, PT displays , fun race ,tug of war held for parents and teachers. Prize distribution was held at the conclusion of each event. The Chief Guest praised the endeavours of the school and highlighted the necessity of sportsmanship. The principal also thanked parents for their support and encouragement that lent charm to the event.

Annual Sports Meet was held on 2-2-2018 with great zeal , excitement and frolicsome atmosphere. The programme began with the principal welcoming the esteemed gathering and emphasized on the importance of sports in a child’s life. The Chief guest , Mr Gudigoppa CPI highlighted the necessity of sportsman’s spirit and boosted the confidence of the participants. The event was inaugurated with a welcome dance and culminated with the Prize distribution ceremony.