Eco Club

The students of KLE School Lingraj Campus along with students of KLE GA high school, organized an awareness rally on 23rd November 2023.
Through slogans, posters and a street play, they highlighted issues like pollution, climate change and the importance of trees and vegetation.
The rally took place at the Lingraj college campus.. Around 130 students and 6 teachers participated. The event is part of the ReGreen 2023 organized by Green Saviours Association. Faculty members from the institutions and Green Saviours team members were present.

KLE School Lingaraj college campus Belagavi is been associated with Green Saviours and got an opportunity to plant the saplings at Manorang Farms Waghawade road on June 11th 2023.
Around 35 students, aur beloved Principal ma'am and incharge teachers were part of the event where nearly 200 saplings were planted.
Green Saviours is an organization engaged in tree plantation and maintenance, forest making and restoration of degraded landscapes. Since April 2016, they have planted and maintained over 30,000 trees in and around the region of Belagavi, Karnataka, India. They are specialized in dense plantation and forest making activities.
Since we all know that Global warming is the root cause of the ruin of our environment. Therefore it is our duty to protect our environment. And stop all the exploitation that is destroying it. Because in the end, it is our basic need for our survival and our generations ahead..