As rightly said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge” The teachers at KLE School are qualified, competent, experienced and committed to give the best to every student. Care and concern is taken to give personal attention for the holistic development of every child.

At KLE School, we believe in the holistic development of our students. We see education not just as means of livelihood but as a mode of enriching the quality of life. We teach each student to value life as a gift and education as means of living it.

Teaching Staff

Sr.No Name Qualification
1 Ms Sarojini Dengole M.A , M.Sc , B.Ed
2 Ms Swati Jadhav NTTC , B. A ( B. Ed )
3 Ms Bhaygalaxmi B.A , B.Ed
4 Ms Lata Kamble NTTC B.Sc , B.Ed
5 Ms Sonali Naik NTTC , B.com ( B.Ed )
6 Ms Elizebth Sattigeri NTTC ( B.A)
7 Ms Rita Konnur B.A , ( B.Ed )
8 Ms Sumitra Karekar NTTC , B.com
9 Ms Vinoda Hongal B.A , B.Ed
10 Ms Angela D’souza B.A , D.Ed ( B.Ed )
11 Ms Sujata Magdaum B.A , B.Ed
12 Ms Pooja Sawant M.A , B.Ed , M.Phil
13 Ms Sujata Patil B.Sc , B.Ed
14 Ms Darpan Rane B.A , B.Ed
15 Ms Sonali Bajigar B.com , ( B.Ed )
16 Ms Anupma Bhosale B. VA
17 Mr Shivappa Nayak B.A , B.P.Ed
18 Ms Pooja Raikar B.com ( B.Ed )
19 Ms Pooja Raikar B.Ed
20 Ms Pooja Raikar B.sc ( B.Ed )
12 Ms Amruta Nesrigar B.Ed
13 Ms Pavitra Prabhu B.sc , (B.Ed)

Teaching Staff

Non-Teaching Staff