Field Trips

Our students visited PARLE - G Biscuits unit at Sampagaon.
They watched a documentary on parle biscuits and also observed the entire process of kneading , mixing , shaping , baking , cooling and packaging .It was indeed an informative , knowledgeable trip for the students.

Our students visited Nandini milk plant to understand the process involved in milk production, pasteurisation and also observed the making of ghee, sweets, flavoured milk and other dairy products.

Students of KG section visited the different places of worship. The purpose of the field trip was to impress the theme ‘Unity in Diversity’ and expose students to different forms of spiritual expression.

Students are given opportunity to participate in the pottery skill, field trips. Students had a visit to centre village pottery institute at Khanapur the place to enhance cottage scale industry .The head of the institute and the fine art teacher were able to illustrate the students about the materials used along with the practical skills. The students were able to develop their motor skill and mould the clay on the potter’s wheel. It was a great opportunity given by the management, principal and teachers of KLE for our inspiring students.