Field Trips

A trip to the Bhutramathi Zoo was organized for the students of classes I-II they saw a variety of animals and were fascinated by the beauty of the nature.

The students enthusiastically observed the animals like lion crocodile and varieties of birds..

Overall it was a day well spent which has given our students wonderful memories.

KLE School organised a picnic to Yashneesh Water Park for the students of class III to VI.. The students were extremely excited to reach the destination

As the students saw the slides in the water park, they were extremely thrilled. Everyone jumped in the pool with excitement. There was rain dance where children could not resist to show their talents.. Appetizing lunch was served to the children. Everyone had a great time playing in the water, Teachers clicked pictures of the students having a gala time at the picnic..

A field trip to Police Station was arranged with an aim to make learning experiences more powerful and impactful.

Students of Grade VII and VIII visited Camp Police Station .The police officers were glad to welcome our students and explained their day-to day working schedule. They explained the uses of various arms and ammunitions, the working of control room, how to lodge a complaint (First Information Report). One of the officers explained the significances of the Rules and Regulations and why we should follow them.

Our curious young minds interacted with the police officers and asked various queries. Their doubts were satisfactorily answered by the able police personnel's. At the end, they departed with a happy heart and smiling face.

An educational trip to the post office was organised for the students of class 1 and 2.

The visit to the post office gave students a better understanding of the role and responsibilities of the post master and post man.

The postman explained to the students how letters are collected and delivered to their destinations.The field trip was an enjoyable and informative experience for the students.

Field Trip to Reliance Market

We believe in all round awareness and development of students. Our pre primary students went on a field trip to Reliance Market as part of extended learning on"Food we eat". Our students identified healthy and unhealthy food enthusiastically.

A supermarket is a wonderful place for children to be made aware of and learn about different kinds of foods and other things available there. They were shown different sections of the supermarket and Teachers explained to them how things are bought, billed and paid for.These experiences will help our students to make the right choice when it comes to healthy eating.

Field Trip Connects Students to the Real World

KLE School, organized a field trip for the students of Grade III and IV, to Ramakrishna Asharam and Kamal Basti.

Where the students had a meditation session to experience spiritual spheres.

Students then headed towards the library to have a look at the different books written by Swami Vivekananda.

The next trip was to Kamal Basti Temple a small and beautiful monument located in the city of Belagavi.

Students were mesmerized looking at the beautiful monument. They were curious and found out about some interesting facts about the temple

The word “PICNIC” is enough to bring smiles to the cherubic faces of students.Students of classes 5 to 9 had been for a school picnic to Rock Garden.

Picnics are indeed a source of recreation for the mind and body and instill the principles of sharing, teamwork, social interaction, regulation, and discipline among students. Students returned to school, tired but joyous at the end of the day.

Picnics are one of the most exciting things that children and adults love equally.

It helps us divert from daily life and adds a touch of variety to our lives..Classes 1 to 4 had been to Orchard Resort. Students have enjoyed the day with many memories.

Our students visited PARLE - G Biscuits unit at Sampagaon.
They watched a documentary on parle biscuits and also observed the entire process of kneading , mixing , shaping , baking , cooling and packaging .It was indeed an informative , knowledgeable trip for the students.

Our students visited Nandini milk plant to understand the process involved in milk production, pasteurisation and also observed the making of ghee, sweets, flavoured milk and other dairy products.

Students of KG section visited the different places of worship. The purpose of the field trip was to impress the theme ‘Unity in Diversity’ and expose students to different forms of spiritual expression.

Students are given opportunity to participate in the pottery skill, field trips. Students had a visit to centre village pottery institute at Khanapur the place to enhance cottage scale industry .The head of the institute and the fine art teacher were able to illustrate the students about the materials used along with the practical skills. The students were able to develop their motor skill and mould the clay on the potter’s wheel. It was a great opportunity given by the management, principal and teachers of KLE for our inspiring students.